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Sydney - Bye, Bye Australia - Papua New Guinea here we come!!

Australien (Sydney) 2006-05-22

We do not have that many days in Australia left and one thing is for sure - we will return one day and then have a lot of time to explore this very big continent. Our decision to focus on Sydney and its surroundings where correct this time as we only had approx 3 weeks in Australia.

As we have written before we are very impressed by Sydney and we had no problem at all to spend a full week exploring the City and what's outside Downtown Sydney. We have been to some of the famous beaches, gone to two zoos and just strolled around on the streets. Today we had lunch at place at George Street where our friend Siv worked during her 5 (!!) year around-the-world-sailing trip she did some years ago. They where very happy to hear that Siv is doing just fine back in Sweden. And they want her back in Sydney!!

Eva did some running in the mountains.... a lot of up and downs....Nearly as hard as the soft sand on the Fiji beaches. Hopefully Anders foot will be ready for running soon and that he then stops this craziness and choose to run were it is flat and not too soft.

A topped 9 iron could theoretically give me two birdies (hmmm.. parrots!)on this golf hole. The green is situated 100 meters from our house in Blackheath. Click to enlarge.We are so glad that we had the opportunity to use the house in Blackheath for 12 days - many, many thanks Pat & Kay O'Connor!!! As we stayed (more or less) on the golf course we spent most of the time on it and Anders won a prize on the Saturday Medal competition and Eva won almost every match games against Anders.

The National Park was only a 5 minutes drive from the house so we made a couple of nice hikes there and also went to see the IMAX-film The Edge about Blue Mountains. Now we are back in Sydney to make our last preparation before we go to Papua New Guinea.

Next time we arrive to a civilized city is in a month when we arrive in Singapore. In Singapore we will go to a Sports Bar and watch when Sweden beats England (2-1) in The World Cup and hopefully add that victory to the one they make towards Trinidad/Tobago in their opening game!!! (Are we only dreaming??) The greatest thing will however be to meet our friends Kerstin & Bengt Rasmusson from Gothenburg whom will arrive in Singapore June 20. We will have approx. 2 weeks together and we have made a "Sundström Travel" program where we will take them to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and also Kota Bharu and Perhentian Island on the east coast of Malaysia. It will be really nice to show them these parts of the world - which we know relatively well from previous travels.

Papua New Guinea is the red country on the map north of Australia.On Thursday early morning we fly to Papua New Guinea!! We are really looking forward to that and so far we have not met any travelers who have been or where planning to go there so we think this is really "off the normal track". PNG is very exciting country with 867 different languages and we hope to meet different tribes both in The Highlands and on the Sepik River.

We only expect "Jazz" on no "Symphony" during our visit to PNG and we are prepared for that! We hope to share our experience and show our pictures when we are back to civilization in Singapore. The places we will visit in PNG are: Port Moresby, Tari, Mt. Hagen, Goroka, Wewak, Sepik River and Alotau. If who have been to these places (!?!) - Please let us know what not to miss!

Kisses and hugs from Your Professional Tourists – EvAnders