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Sydney - Jazz Meets the Symphony

Australien (Sydney 2006-05-11


"Jazz Meets the Symphony" - a good title of our first impression of the biggest city in Australia - Sydney. Downtown Sydney are dominated of the attributes of the Symphony - COMPOSITION - AUTHORSHIP - RIGOUR with its broad avenues, sky scrapes, modern cars and business people in suits on their way to or from their offices with fast food in their right hand and the mobile phone in the left hand.

We have still the attributes of the Jazz in our blood - IMPROVISATION - LOOSENESS - SPONTANEITY - from our visit to the islands of Fiji and it is good to get some perspective on the "or normal way of living" and we conclude that life should contain both parts.

The Sydney Harbor with The Opera House and Harbor Bridge as the most famous buildings is very beautiful. Very much like Stockholm in many ways - with all the water. Ferries and boats are used by the locals to and from work and also by us tourists.

Something that struck us is the amount of Asian people in Sydney - both people living here and tourists - one could think we already have reached Singapore!!!

During our first visit to Sydney we visited Manly Beach, Taronga Zoo, and Sea Aquarium did a guided boat tour around Harbor, visited The Rocks and Darling Harbor and of course we also went to the Opera House. We both attended a guided tour during the day (Did you know that all the white tiles on the roof are from Höganäs, Sweden?) and also went to a fantastic concert one evening. We listened to "Jazz Meets the Symphony"! with conductor Lalo Schifrin with solists James Morrison, Christian McBride, Gordon Rytmeister and Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Once again - THANK YOU Family Ljung for the highly appreciated birthday present. Eva is celebrating her 50:th Birthday this year as well!!!!!

Sydney is very expensive so we can not make our budget on anything (accommodation, food and others) but we think we can compensate that when we get to Southeast Asia and we really want to enjoy Sydney so "what the heck - you only live once"

Even though it was to expensive we made a reservation on a very good hotel on York Street only 5 minutes walk to the Opera House. On they had some special offers (US$ 75 a night) for a very big room where we could unpack our entire luggage from our almost mouldy backpacks and sort our things we can send home before leaving Australia. We will not need any warm clothes (we need them now in Blue Mountain!). We also did a lot of laundry in the "coin operated guest laundry" in the room beside us (!?) and guess what - there was a gym next doors as well. We used it pretty frequent and Anders is almost OK with his foot so he tried some running on the treadmill and Eva also went out running in the Harbor and the Botanic Garden. Running is really a good way to explore cities. Our hotel room had a refrigerator and a water boiler and coffee, the and milk so every morning we had breakfast "on the bed" - so was also most of the dinners served!


Imagine a golf course, could be in Sweden, in the autumn with all the lovely colors in the trees BUT with Eucalyptus tree, colorful parrots and other, in our eyes, "strange" birds. One bird with a yellow mask another that sounds like a child screaming (or a cat) and the lovely wild ducks that sounds like they are saying "Mamma". Well, not surprisingly we did not play that very good golf - but we have some great golfing days ahead of us.

We are using a very nice house that belongs to PatnKay (good friends to Family Jacobs in Sweden) in Blackheath, Blue Mountain approximately 2 hours by car from Sydney at an altitude of 1.000 meter above sea level (that is why it's so chilly!). We are very, very grateful that they let us use the house and we are looking forward to have them up here over the weekend. Many, many THANKS!!!

We use the kitchen (and no one else are there!) and make our own food in - that was a long time ago and we can eat breakfast whenever WE want and we are still a little chocked that we have to use the log fire to get up the temperature in the house - but it's really great and we are enjoying every minute.

If we could we would like to bring this "autumn weather" and use it half an hour every night in Papua New Guinea and Southeast Asia!! But, you can't have it all and we are so grateful for what we have seen and done over the last almost 8 months so we just enjoy it.

Well, apart from leaving 30 meters from the 11:th green and 12:th tee (and planning to play even more golf) there are a lot of hikes here in Blue Mountain. We will do the Grand Canyon walk one day and there are a lot of other hikes to choose from.

In summary we are very happy to have some cold days and some structure in our life’s (Symphony) for a while and we know that all Europeans are enjoying the summer heat (AT LAST!!) and all the green that are coming on the trees etc and the spontaneity (Jazz) that comes with the spring/summer after such a cold winter. AND - the combination is outstanding!!

Kisses EvAnders