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Kuala Lumur - Greetings from KL!

Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) 2006-09-17

This will most probably be the second last story we write from our Around The World on 365 days. To write our last story we ask you for your help!!!!

You might have some thoughts or questions to us about our journey and this project so we ask you to write them down and send them to us. We will use your questions as base to write our last story - it will really help us. OK??

We have more than 300 readers attached to this dairy so we expect A LOT of thoughts and questions!!!!!

At the moment we are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia after some very nice and lazy days in Khao Lak. For the first time in a long time we can do some shopping without thinking about the fact that we don't have space in the backpack! We have bought an extra bag and love to shop in KL and just being in this city so we have no problems to spend some days here. Once again we will miss the Petronas Twin Towers because of all the shopping and fixing.

Thanks Maj-Lis and Alvar for this luxury morning at the hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Click to enlarge.Eva is celebrating her 50 birthday, again!!! Probably the last time before her next Birthday in December...Many thanks to Maj-Lis and Alvar (Mother and Father in law) for an upgrade (way above our budget) at Hotel Melia, A Spanish "Room service"-dinner with a nice Malbec and most of all for a wonderful Champagne breakfast!!!!!!!!!

We also get some time to prepare ourselves for the return travel back to Sweden that start on Tuesday and our life at home. It feels a little special to come back home after one year of traveling!! To make our entrance to normal life a little bit easier we have decided to extend our trip!!!!!!!!!!

Probably we are crazy but as we have said so many times - You only live once - so when the timing of the wine harvest at Thierry and Estelle’s wine yard in Pommard, Burgundy was perfect and we always have dreamt of being part of that work we decided to go to France!! We arrive in Stockholm from KL/Singapore/London on Wednesday at lunchtime and leave for France in the late afternoon with Ryanair to Paris. The plan is to have lunch at Anders parent’s home together with Sophie and her boyfriend Jonas before we head to the airport again.

More details from that trip will be written in another diary and we will make sure you get these updates as well.

Many, many hugs from a traveling couple who soon will be back in Europe, Sweden, Stockholm, Täby, Kopparvägen 192!!